The City is The City (is the City)

    Exploring art and citizen-journalism

    fri 19 june, 2015

    In the first flickering moments of the 21st century, luminous as it is unstable, we, its citizens, awake in a new age of data and connectivity. 



    Provocative Seminar on Food

    Challenging our current food system

    21 may 2015

    We are eating our own planet and what we are eating is destroying our health.



    Silence of the Amps

    A project by Gert41

    Postponed 30 may 2015 - 15 july 2015

    Gert41 is an all-round artist applying an immediate, hands-on approach to the process of creation. When an idea comes to mind, he instantly starts shaping it. As a result Gert41 produces works in a rapid tempo.