The Plant Sex Consultancy


    6 march - 13 april 2015

    The PSX Consultancy is a research project and a workshop that investigates the art and science of natural reproductive strategies of plants. The project accommodates design augmentation inspired by nature and culture, to increase the pleasure and (re)productivity of plant sex as one of the staples of species survival.



    The Future of the Lab

    Edited by Angela Plohman & Clare Butcher.

    The Lab of the Future publication, launched in 2010, is now available online. This publication presents a collection of essays and statements that challenge and debate future strategies and forms of the laboratory (or media lab)



    Designing Sex Toys for Plants

    Like our plant nature, we don’t hunt, it’s too much trouble. We seduce.

    Saturday, march 7 2015

    What happens when sexuality, usually considered as a uniquely human trait, becomes a prism through which we view the Other -- in our case plants? This controversial, humorous and insightfully absurd workshop invites designers, engineers, artists, biologists and people interested in plants to collectively explore plant-centered design.