Open Hack-the-Body Lab

    5 weeks of Open Labs

    9 april 2015 - 14 may 2015

    Are you working on a creative project that involves biometric data or any other relationship between technology and the Human body? Than we invite you to tune in on our upcoming thematic Open Lab session.



    Press release: From idea to startup

    Baltan Laboratories and Eindhoven Startups Foundation building the local maker community

    Eindhoven, 20 March 2015 - Baltan Laboratories, an organization that promotes and facilitates new ideas, and Eindhoven Startups Foundation, which is facilitating entrepreneurship, come together for the benefit of the Eindhoven Community.



    EEG Kiss

    Kissing experiments with E.E.G. head sets (Bring your own kissing partner)

    25 and 26 march 2015

    In E.E.G. KISS artists Lancel & Maat investigate how a kiss can be translated into data. Can we measure a kiss and what kissers feel together? Can we transfer a kiss and it’s intimacy online? Do we want to save our private kisses in a database - to be used by others?