Electronic Art vs Industry and Society:

    Value Creation and Business Models in a Society of Change

    14 august 2015

    Workshop during ISEA 2015 in Vancouver, Canada: Is it possible to break through the conventional paradigms of art, society and industry by means of artistic research and practice?



    Age of Wonderland Internship

    Deadline extended

    Baltan Laboratories is seeking two interns to assist the Baltan team organizing Age of Wonderland, a program featuring workshops, exhibitions, network meetings and artist-residencies. This year Baltan Laboratories, together with Hivos, will organize the second edition of Age of Wonderland during Dutch Design Week from 17 – 25 October, 2015.



    Press release: From idea to startup

    Baltan Laboratories and Eindhoven Startups Foundation building the local maker community

    Eindhoven, 20 March 2015 - Baltan Laboratories, an organization that promotes and facilitates new ideas, and Eindhoven Startups Foundation, which is facilitating entrepreneurship, come together for the benefit of the Eindhoven Community.