Open Social Innovation Lab

    Join our free workshops and presentations.

    4 october 2014

    An afternoon of brainstorming, knowledge exchange and hands-on projects around the theme of social innovation.



    Age of Wonderland Exhibition

    The friendly (or brutal?) invasion of a new world order

    18 - 26 october 2014

    Six interdisciplinary creative talents from around the globe will share and co-create their ideas with the local community of Eindhoven. The emphasis lies on social innovation around the themes hacking, foreign policy, public transport, cultural genetics and music.



    DIY Music Instruments Live

    Performance in collaboration with FLIPSIDE

    24 october 2014

    Sandra Suubi creates value from almost nothing, turning waste materials into the signs and symbols of hope and dreams. Participants will be guided in the making of Do-It-Yourself instruments in order to encourage people to recycle waste and the re-use of plastic.