Baltan Laboratories

    Baltan Laboratories combines innovative research and creativity. We explore the cutting edge between art, science, and technological culture, while bridging disciplines to create groundbreaking tools, applications, and ideas. We focus on what is ahead, the speculative and still unreal. By proactively taking the next step, we can clear a path towards a new and meaningful future.

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    Baltan sees the laboratory as a way of working. It is both a network and a methodology for creating and sharing new concepts, tools and knowledge. Baltan is a flexible, collaborative platform for future thinking that places art and design research at the core of its activities.

    Baltan achieves this through

    - The development of research projects and public activities for local and international creative practitioners to interact and innovate through the meeting of art, design and technological culture;
    - Strategic collaborations with local, national and international organisations, institutes, schools and companies that promote new ways of working and create opportunities for talent development and creative innovation;
    - The open dissemination and discussion of developed art, technologies and knowledge;
    - The investigation, further development and promotion of the lab concept through practice.


    Artistic Director: Olga Mink
    Project Employee: Marlou van der Cruijsen
    Education Consultant: Carmin Karasic
    Artistic Advisor: Joe Davis
    Graphic Design: Eric de Haas
    Communication Advisor: Nicole de Boer, Nicole Communiceert

    Chair: Koen Snoeckx, Communication Manager, Holst Centre
    Treasurer: Cees Jan Mol, Pluscommunicatie

    Director during the pilot phase of Baltan Laboratories (2008-2012):
    Angela Plohman

    Artistic board during the pilot phase (2008-2010):
    Gideon Kiers, Marc Maurer, Geert Mul, Lucas van der Velden

    Ton van Gool, Peter Kentie, Frens Frijns


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    We are grateful to the following organizations for their support of Baltan’s activities from 2013 - 2014:

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