• Installation at Baltan exhibition 

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    What happens when financial benefits are driven by plants, astrology or bacteria?

    ADM XI is an independent research platform for experimental algorithmic trading engineering.The novelty and the singularity of its approach lays on the exploitation of the artists' legendary vision and know-how, to create innovative and counter-intuitive strategies of investment and speculation.

    These uncanny strategies challenge the neoclassical economics dogma. The platform gave birth to a collection of heretic, irrational and experimental operating trading algorithms. These algorithms are released to compete with each other on a marketplace hosted and organized by RYBN.ORG. Within this contest, benefits are no longer driven by prices and other economic instruments, but rather by living organisms – soil, plants, bacteria; by supraterrestrial rules - were they environmental, astronomical, astrological; or by ancient or by forbidden ancient knowledges – esoteric, magic, geomancy, etc.

    All trading algorithms follow their own non-mercantile and obsessive logic: some attempt to produce a total and irreversible chaos, while others try to influence the market prices to make it look like a given geometrical shape - others try to saturate the market with non-human affects.

    Contributors to the ADM XI platform are: b01, Brendan Howell, Martin Howse, Nicolas Montgermont, Horia Cosmin Samoila, Antoine Schmitt, Marc Swynghedauw, Suzanne Treater.

    ADM XI has been part of the Economia festival exhibition and is currently on show in the Baltan exhibition.

    About the artist
    RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform, founded in 1999. RYBN.ORG operates through interactive & networked installations, digital/analog visual cross-performances and pervasive computing. Their projects refer as well to the codified systems of the artistic representation as to the socio-politic phenomenons. Their work has been shown in numerous contemporary art exhibitions and media art festivals, such as Ars Electronica, Transmediale, ISEA, Elektra, Cellsbutton, ZKM, LABoral, le Centre Pompidou, La Gaîté Lyrique, ZKM.

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