Age of Wonderland during WDE


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    Encouraging global learning

    Boosting social innovation by sharing knowledge

    100 DAYS OF LEARNING is a global learning event to boost social innovation by the exchange of personal knowledge. To rediscover new ways of thinking and challenge our beliefs, the exchange of life experiences with others is key. We need to embrace change on an individual level, and inspire others to do the same.

    The programme of Age of Wonderland has never been more diverse. 100 DAYS OF LEARNING consists of a daily talk show, 25 workshops & lectures, and an exhibition in Natlab. All this will take place in the context of DDW’s World Design Event in Eindhoven from 21-29 October. Check our agenda to see the full programme.

    At the core of World Design Event, Age of Wonderland hosts a daily talk show between 11.00 – 12.00 with curator Arne Hendriks and our international guests taking part in the program. For those interested to know more about all 'days of learning' that happened, be sure to check out the expo in Natlab. In this living archive, the audience can share insights by adding their own story to the wall.

    Natlab also features an editorial office. Editors, journalists, bloggers visiting Dutch Design Week, are most welcome to share the table with us and work in our office-archive-lab-exhibition.

    All workshops and lectures are for free!

    For more info visit the Age of Wonderland website.

    Age of Wonderland is proud partner of World Design Event
    Age of Wonderland is one of the programme partners of World Design Event, a new quadrennial event during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (NL). It features a special focus on the future of our world, our cities, and the societal challenges we face.

    Age of Wonderland is presenting 100 DAYS OF LEARNING, in the context World Design Event from 21-29 October. This 4th edition is all about exchanging personal knowledge. The programme consists of a daily talk show, chaired by artist and Age of Wonderland curator Arne Hendriks in People’s Pavilion, Days of Learning (workshops, lectures and performances) and an exhibition in Natlab.

    Have a look at the full programme of special activities at World Design Event.

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