The friendly (or brutal) invasion of a new world order

  • Age of Wonderland exhibition 

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    We live in interesting and complex times. We are at a tipping point: the current economic model is no longer sustainable and offers little room for the human and social aspects of our society. The growth, acceleration, and complexity of all kinds of trends, technologies, and developments will in the coming decades confront us worldwide with a major challenge.

    The question is not whether, but how technology is going to dominate our worldview, our actions, and our thinking. At a time when capital-intensive investments – rightly or wrongly – are under strong pressure, Baltan Laboratories and Hivos (Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation) aim to investigate economic and social challenges through the joint project Age of Wonderland.

    For a period of six weeks (from mid-September to late October 2014), six young interdisciplinary working creative talents from the Hivos network will be visiting Eindhoven. They have diverse backgrounds and live and work in various parts of the world. The plan is to cooperate (research, development, knowledge sharing and experimentation) with the local community in Eindhoven. Here the artists will develop their views on social innovation and co-creation further, set up new forms of cooperation, and expand their interest in knowledge sharing. From their perspective, they will investigate local and global issues, public vs. private domain, diversity and identity, and the way in which these topics relate to the developments in our changing society.

    Andreas Siagian - engineer, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
    Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata - engineer, Bandung (Indonesia)
    Sandra Suubi - eco-artist & singer, Kampala (Uganda)
    Roy Ombatti - engineer, Nairobi (Kenya)
    David Marín - artist & scientist, Guatemala City (Guatemala)
    José Montealegre - artist, Managua (Nicaragua) in collaboration with Eindhoven artist Griet Menschaert.

    The project Age of Wonderland is for Baltan Laboratories and Hivos the kick-off of a multiannual cooperation with Dutch Design Week. For a full overview please visit the dedicated website

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