AI IN THE HOOD | Last Edition

  • Imagining a green space for our neighbourhood 

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    AI in the Hood is a project to creatively engage residents in their neighbourhood using artificial intelligence (AI) and art. In a 2-hour session, participants will be introduced to AI tools and use them to spark their imagination about their neighbourhood needs and desires. We will focus on the green area of Sint Rochushofje, and we would love to hear and visualise your dreams! We discuss how to approach community building and transforming public spaces for community purposes with Humankind and other partners involved. We will conclude the session with drinks and snacks.

    The workshop is facilitated by Humankind, a Rotterdam-based organisation for urban change and organised by Baltan Laboratories, a cultural indisciplinary lab focusing on societal issues, based in Eindhoven.

    You can register for free by sending an email to

    AI in the Hood is part of Machines for Good: a project led by Sineglossa, in collaboration with Ohme, Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento and Baltan Laboratories, in association with ITSS Cambi Serrani, Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, and Université Libre de Bruxelles. The project is co-funded by the European Union within the CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value) programme.

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