Glow Next 2013

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    The first talk will be presented by Martin Bricelj Baraga from Slovenia. Baraga won the first GLOW NEXT Open Call, and developed a new version of DARKSTAR, an interactive sculpture in which the illuminated parts of the installation correspond to actual stars in the sky. Who comes near DARKSTAR discovers his personal star in this constellation. It grows, develops and produces his specific sound. Visitors are challenged to connect to each other’s stars, making the public space a playground and place for social interaction.

    City Light Poppers is the presentation that will be given by light designer Ellen de Vries of The Lux Lab. Her installation 1001 licht rain is showcased during Glow NEXT at the Torenallee. The purpose of de Vries' is to increase the quality of life in public space by using new lighting applications. 1001 Light conductors are hanging like raindrops above the audience. The movements of the visitors are recorded by cameras and sensors and affect the light play in the sky. A lonesome walker evokes a different image than a large group of gesticulating visitors.

    Last but not least, designer Dennis Parren talks about his project in the pressure cooker. Parrens CMYK lamp was first shown in 2011 at the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2012 it was nominated for Dutch Design Award and recently the lamp is included in the collection of the Vitra Design Museum. Dennis Parren is the first user of the SNELKOOKPAN (pressure cooker): an initiative of design studio Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe and platform for designers and artists.

    The artists presentations will be english spoken. Afterwards a guided route on Glow Next will be hosted by Olga Mink (GLOW NEXT)

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