Astrobiological Horticulture

  • Astrobiological Horticulture Artist talk by Joe Davis 

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    Discover organisms that can survive below the Martian surface!

    Astrobiological Horticulture, by bio-art pioneer Joe Davis, explores the possibilities for creating organisms that can survive in the cold deposits below the Martian surface.

    This "garden" for discovery and the growth of astrobiologicals, aims to stitch together the perfect suite of genes for survival in extraterrestrial environments. And by doing so revived ancient microorganisms, up to 400 million years old!

    The talk will be followed by the screening of Heaven + Earth (Peter Swarovski). On Friday Joe Davis will also give a Biomineralizing workshop: The Alchemy of Silk.

    This program is a collaboration between Baltan Laboratories and Mediamatic. Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam. Tickets

    The dream of control over life
    Human history details our transition from groups of hunter-gatherers to communities centered on organized agriculture. This allowed early civilizations to foster art, religion and literature replete with myths and legends about special powers of transformation allowing one kind of living material to become another or of transformations of inanimate into animate materials.

    Astrobiological Horticulture - Joe Davis
    Astrobiological Horticulture encompasses a multifaceted efforts to create an unusual "garden" for discovery and growth of astrobiologicals. These efforts include experiments in regenerative biology and transcriptomics, paleogeomicrobiology and metagenomic investigations of the MIT Nuclear Reactor Primary Coolant Microbiome.

    Even thought these experiments center on creating organisms that can survive on Mars, this should not be interpreted as advocacy for arbitrary seeding of other planetary environments with terrestrial organisms. While production of experimental model organisms for basic terraforming operations may help to prepare for prudent implementation in the future, these organisms may be more immediately useful for modelling activities of presumptive extraterrestrial life.

    Between Heaven and Earth - Peter Swarovski
    Award winning documentary about the godfather of bioart who sends vaginal contractions into deep-space to communicate with aliens; encodes Greek poetry into transgenic organisms and travels the world exploring the inextricable connections between art, science and the physical world. Joe Davis enlists the collaboration of some of the great minds of MIT and Harvard to help us find our place in the universe. The renowned art critic James Elkins has said of him: "to my mind the most interesting living artist...". Enjoy a wild ride from laboratory to bar room and back again in this film that reminds us that anything is possible. Featuring the music of Do.Make.Say.Think.

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