Baltan Sessions in October

  • Golan Levin, David Rokeby and Philippe Rahm 

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    Philippe Rahm, studied at the Federal Polytechnic Schools of Lausanne and Zurich. He obtained his architectural degree in 1993. He works currently in Paris (France). In 2002, he was chosen to represent Switzerland at the 8th Architecture Biennale in Venice and was one of the 25 manifesto’s architects of the Aaron Betsky’s 2008 Architectural Venice Biennale.

    Golan Levin develops artifacts and events that explore supple new modes of reactive expression. His work focuses on the design of systems for the creation, manipulation and performance of simultaneous image and sound, as part of a more general inquiry into the formal language of interactivity, and of nonverbal communications protocols in cybernetic systems.

    David Rokeby has been creating interactive sound and video installations with computers since 1982. His early work Very Nervous System (1982-1991) is acknowledged as a pioneering work of interactive art, translating physical gestures into real-time interactive sound environments.

    These events are part of Baltan’s Poeme Numerique Masterclass Poeme Numerique is a research programme dedicated to exploring new strategies for integrated, interdisciplinary artistic practices in relation to the spatial experience and presentation of generative and interactive, digital media-based art. This one-week masterclass examines the importance of and integral approach to audio-visual content, interaction design and generative principles in relation to innovation in architecture and media technology.

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