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    Great platform for pitching new ideas

    With two expert muppets

    Are you looking for some inspiration after the summer break? Join us for Bliksem en Donderdag on Thursday September 21st.

    Under the expert supervision of 'muppets' Ingrid van der Wacht (Dutch Design Foundation) and Bart Brouwers (E52) the following lineup of inspiring pitchers will present their ideas to you - the audience at De Kazerne.

    Fred Galstaun - Sensory Reality Pod
    Fred is Chief Experience Officer at SENSIKS, a start-up that introduces the Sensory Reality Pod (SRP) in which all senses are stimulated simultaneously and through connecting them to a harmonious integral experience, the brain will be activated on multiple points. At Bliksem en Donderdag, Fred is looking for possibilities for SRP to scale up SENSIKS’ user base as quickly as possible and thereby gain market and user experiences.

    Janis Melderis - Virtual exhibition
    Janis’ project is an immersive virtual reality experience, where the spectator, travelling through different digital landscapes discovers the work of his grandfather Emīls Melderis (1889 – 1979), a Latvian sculptor. Since this project is a very personal one, Janis is curious how to bring it further. How can he create a similar VR experience about someone else’s work, maybe even from a different field than art? Which companies or potential clients would be interested in Janis telling their story in VR?

    Matilde Boelhouwer - Insectology 2.0
    Ongoing growing population make a higher demand for meat, of which the production becomes even more and more unsustainable. Eating insects can provide a great solution to this issue, although insects are underappreciated as food by many western societies. Insectology is a first step towards a more loving and eating society. At Bliksem en Donderdag, Matilde is looking for tips on ways she can change the perception of eating insects so that it makes people decide to eat insects on a more regular basis.

    Marijke Receveur - The Lightyear One
    Due to the global need for clean mobility, the number of electrical vehicles (EVs) in the consumer market are expected to grow exponentially. However, one big bottleneck is preventing a fast adoption rate of EVs worldwide: the lack of sufficient charging infrastructures. Lightyear circumvents this problem by offering ‘The Lightyear One’ which is independent from the charging infrastructure. It is a beautifully designed, unplugged, energy independent car powered by the sun. Lightyear has their design presentation planned for mid 2018. But until then, Marijke is wondering how to show and explain their plans, that are quite intangible, in order to increase their credibility without giving away too much?

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