The tools series #2

  • Build Your Own Piccolo 

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    Costs: €60.00 (incl. Piccolo Printer Kit)
    Students: €45.00 (after showing student cart)

    Subscribe to participate before 15 October via:
    Experience: no prior experience is needed. Participants should bring their laptop if they would like to program their Piccolo.

    In this workshop you will build and program your own tiny CNCbot. You will be provided with a kit with everything you need to build your own device and then will be introduces to ways of programming your Piccolo. This will include the option of a simple drawing interface easy for anyone to use or the option of using the Piccolo Processing and Arduino libraries to create more complex behavior. After constructing and learning to teach your Piccolo you will be asked to create your own use for Piccolo. Various sensors, electronics, construction material and drawing tools will be provided to help achieve this.

    About Diatom
    Diatom is a design studio that is exploring the possibilities that digital fabrication offers, to give the end user a role in the design process. By developing tools and experiences that produce this collaboration, Diatom hopes to create products that are enriched by the individual and supersede the capabilities of discrete design. More information here.

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