The Rocket Trail

  • Chapter 1: RAIN KIDS / Preview Screening 

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    Preview screening, presentation of the project and a discussion with the director and the producer of the film

    An exploration into the explosion

    The Rocket Trail is a platform of cross-disciplinary research project where art, design, science and filmmaking work together to dissect the rocket as an object and cast some light on its influence over the collective imaginary - from its early conception as a phenomena to its multi-layered cultural interpretation where science and myth amalgamate.

    RAIN KIDS is a short documentary film that travels to the watery landscapes of the province of Isaan in North-East Thailand. A place where spirituality weaves human endeavours on land with religious affairs up in the sky. Materially poor but spiritually rich, this rice farming rural area is not featured in tourism guides. There, a gunpowder based festival takes place every summer, when hundreds of massive rockets are fired into the sky to remember Phaya Thaen, the spirit that once kidnapped the rain, in order to bring it in good quantity. 

    In a world where there is almost no place without world meta-connections, the evolution of this vernacular crafts and beliefs finds its own ways to stay alive within the social tissue. This film looks at this tradition and the values for which it is still carried on, while shading some light over the very human attraction to the power of myths and faith. 

    RAIN KIDS is the first chapter of an ongoing research project about the rocket as an object able to catalyse human arrangements around the world.

    Supported by Stimuleringsfonds, this project is leaded by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz and set in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories in order to open up the findings of his research to the creative community around Eindhoven.

    The preview screening will happen on Friday 9 November at 19:30 at Baltan Laboratories Basement (Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven) and it will be followed by a presentation of the project and a discussion with the director and the producer of the film.


    The Rocket Trail: Chapter #1 - RAIN KIDS (Teaser)

    RAIN KIDS - Credits

    Directed by
    Gabriele Mariotti

    Designers & Artists
    Lucas Munoz
    Nanu Youttananukorn
    Sami Sabik
    Tauras Stalnionis

    Film Production
    Gabriele Mariotti
    Gracelin Moore
    Palapol Teriyaphirom
    Corey Embring
    David Hoppe

    Rocket Science
    Dr Marek Otevrel PhD

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