Workshop and listening celebration

  • Collective Signal Siren Walk by Miss Milivolt and Asnate Bockis 

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    Learn about sonic anchor points in your surroundings

    A homage to the Dutch Warning System

    A workshop and walk about sound marks in the city. Guided by artists Miss Milivolt and Asnate Bockis, participants will get acquainted with sonic anchor points in their immediate environment and sirens in particular.

    The aim of this workshop is to stimulate auditory spatial awareness and will teach participants how to recognize sonic anchor points and their importance in your daily soundscape. We will start the day with a short introduction about sirens, sound marks, modes of listening and deep listening. After some short exercises, the group will have a listening walk around the Strijp-S area, exploring sonic anchor points on the route. At the Philips Stadium we will collectively listen to the monthly test of the siren and celebrate the siren with a snack and drink typical for the city of Eindhoven.

    Tickets: €12,50 (regular) & €10,00 (student)

    About Collective Signal
    This workshop is part of Miss Milivolt’s project Collective Signal (2017 – ongoing) around the planned decommissioning of the national warning system (air raid siren) in 2020. Miss Milivolt is in the process of creating a special composition as a swan song for the system. The piece is to be performed simultaneously through all 4300 sirens of the Netherlands. Potentially, this will also be the largest sound installation of the country; in any case it is the biggest instrument available.

    About the artists
    Miss Milivolt is an Eindhoven-based audiovisual artist and educator across the fields of music, art and technology. Her main artistic objective is to create multidisciplinary experiences in order to stretch the boundaries of perception, embracing the extremes of the audible spectrum. To achieve this she composes experiences, installations, soundwalks, objects and concepts.

    Asnate Bočkis is a creative practitioner - a sculptor, illustrator and exhibition designer based in Rotterdam and Riga. Asnate has her roots in Latvia where she was educated as a classical artist before studying at Design Academy Eindhoven. She has a growing interest in spatial and social interventions and is currently concerned by peoples’ connection with their direct environment. With her work she tries to make the relationships between people and places more meaningful by interventions that activate all senses.

    Collective Signal Siren Walk is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL ( & Intro In Situ.

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