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    The Body is a Movement

    DDW GYM WORKOUTS: The Nose Feather

    A simple but unique exercise about senses, movement and connection. In The Nosefeather we invite you to join a small exploration in focusing our attention. Everyone receives a feather that can be attached to the tip of the nose. For twenty minutes the feather will become like an insect’s antenna. You can embark on a solo exploration as well as getting in contact with others. Are we able to tap into our super senses?

    You might think it’s funny walking around with a feather on your nose, and it is. To us, this is also a simple but valuable research. A response to our scheduled lives. All day we shift from active focus to active focus; from work, to our phones, to our plans for tomorrow, making sure our days are spent productively. By installing an extra sensible antenna, The Nosefeather gives room to investigate other ways of being in the world. What happens if you channel senses in a certain way? How does it shape experiences of yourself? How does it make you move? In what different ways can you come in contact with others?

    During a session of The Nosefeather, your own senses will be in charge. To help you, Jasper van den Berg will guide the group through different ways of sensing via the tip of your nose, inviting a small, personal research. Meanwhile Barry de Bruin will accompany with singing, using live recording and electronic voice effects. Afterwards, you’re welcome to stay a little longer for a talk. There will be coffee, tea, juice and a snack. We’d love to hear from your experiences and are happy to share our insights with you. The aftertalk provides a valuable opportunity to learn more about the moments we are navigating with our senses at play.

    The Nosefeather is a project by Jasper van den Berg in collaboration with Barry de Bruin.

    Jasper van den Berg (NL, 1992) is a versatile artist whose creative journeys are a mix of deep curiosity, intuitive exploration, and careful study. With a master's degree in sociology, he sensitively explores how modern social trends create new and complicated challenges for societies. Combining this with his training as a stage actor and work in theaters and exhibition sites, Jasper brings stories to life. Seamlessly switching between roles and art forms his work results in performances, installations and exhibitions. His combinations of intellectual insights and creative expression, lead to a kaleidoscope of forms that challenge norms, trigger profound introspection and add richness to life.

    Barry de Bruin (NL, 1994) is a music performance artist based in The Netherlands. After his study at the Utrecht Conservatory he sang and played in several theater productions, gave workshops about the relation between gender, personal boundaries and violence for Emancipator and further studied the foundation of movement in a somatic research. Three important fields of inquiry are; somatic dance practice, psychodrama and the singing of Indian scales. Connecting practice and daily life to the question: What is movement? Physically, psychologically and emotionally. Barry is trying to highlight an underlying connectedness. Can we arrive at a place where we don’t over- or under-step our personal and collective power?

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    Please note: The Body is a Movement is part of the Dutch Design Week program at Sectie-C. Therefore, you must have a Dutch Design Week wristband/ticket to access the exhibition and workshops. You can buy the Dutch Design Week ticket here. The Eventbrite registration alone is not enough to grant you access to the workshop.

    About the Body is a Movement
    During DDW we reclaim and reconnect with our bodies in an exhibition (The Gym) and a workout programme. While living in capitalist structures, our bodies became vehicles for profit. to be optimised for productivity and efficiency. These beautiful, astonishing, wondrous bodies of ours, capable of experiencing so much joy and excitement - how can we reclaim them? You can find the full programme here.

    The Body is a Movement is developed by Baltan Laboratories and Onomatopee, and kindly supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

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