De-Co-Date no. 3

  • 90 Min Date Service 

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    To fall in love, do this

    De-Co-Date is a series of experimental events in which we decode the diverse shifting values and norms of our love, sex and friendship behaviour in reflection to the societal development in the present, the past and the future. Each experiment will be a new approach of getting together for discourse, in comfort and sometimes in discomfort.

    This time: We are calling out for singles that are interested to join our custom made date. Joes+Manon are designing you a blind date based on the 1997 State University NY research experiment to fall in love within 90 minutes. Within this timeframe your date will pass 3 stages that are equipped with edible, audible and visible input to support your crush.

    Location: TBA

    For your tailor made date we ask a €10 contribution. To participate please sign up via: leif[@]

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