Baltan Session: the tools series #4

  • Digital Natives 

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    Workshop by Irma Földényi

    As a continuation of the series started in 2011, we present Tools Series #4: Digital Natives, a workshop led by Irma Földényi (HU), a Masters student in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. During this session, Irma will introduce a method that she has created to facilitate her own design process, and open this up for new uses and interpretations by other artists and designers interested in technological culture. This is a cognitive tool that helps the participants create associations through pairs of images reflecting different extremities of a particular issue.

    In this workshop we will focus on conceptualising creative solutions to help deal with the growing gap between ‘digital natives’ (who psychologists and anthropologists predict will be the ‘normals’ in 30 years time) and ‘analog people’, who are predicted to have difficulties with the digital world. During this session, participants will create quick prototypes that deal with the confrontation between these two mindsets, confronting old tools with new ones. Through this process, new “dormant” meanings will be revealed and analysed.

    What can participants expect to add to their toolbox?
    Participants will be able to playfully test out new concepts by linking and comparing offline and online phenomena through a visual cognitive tool during the workshop. On the long term, this tool is meant to be an open source tool interpreted by students and professionals from different disciplines, where the aim is to bring up ideas or concepts that would be otherwise overlooked in our daily working routines. During the workshop participants will be asked to create associations through images of two extremes and express their associations in ‘5 minute prototypes’, quick mock-ups using simple materials.

    Irma Földényi was born in Hungary and studied at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest, where she graduated as a product designer. For her graduation she collaborated with Philips Design in Eindhoven as an intern to develop her project called “Eco Highway”. After her graduation she went on to work at Kitchen Budapest as a researcher, where she collaborated on several art and technology projects. She returned to Eindhoven in 2010 to start her masters at Design Academy Eindhoven, in Social Design. While studying there she has worked for Baltan Laboratories and Philips Design Probes. She has won a number of prizes and competitions with her own projects and collaborations, such as :OUTPUT International Yearbook of Awarded Students of Communication Design; Pachube Open Call by Usman Haque with Kitchen Budapest Teamwork called “Beat Your Mouse”; Dean’s Recognition Award and Hungarian Design Award, Special Prize by The Chairman of Hungarian Design Council for her graduation project “Eco-Highway” (2010 in collaboration with Philips Design). She is currently working on her graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven.

    Baltan is grateful for the support of the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Mondriaan Fund. We also thank TAC for their collaboration!

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