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  • Workshop: Disentangling Text 

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    A workshop by Marta Beauchamp

    Art Residency at Baltan Laboratories

    Knots bind, slide, stop, tighten, loosen. The different ways in which a knot can connect two pieces of string opens all sorts of possibilities to compose haptic textures, textures which can be used to make the woven nature of a text apparent.

    In this workshop, participants will experience translating the formal qualities of a text by means of knotting. By focusing on relationships of tension between textual elements, participants will work in groups to translate this into an interweaving of knots, using their body presence as a weight to sense the tension in the textual structure.

    "Disentangling text" is a workshop which expands on Marta Beauchamp’s ongoing project "textual texture", which she is developing in her one-month residency at Baltan Laboratories.

    When a text gets re-written to address different audiences, the re-writing author seeks to convey the message whilst adapting length, sentence structure and choice of words in the text to specifically address a target group. Each re-written text adds and removes from the original: by omitting material it opens new readings, by re-wording it produces new images. In textual texture, the artist compares different re-writings of a text, to highlight formal differences and similarities among them. By transmediating textual features into knotted structures, the formal structure of the text becomes apparent as a system of knots. Presenting the knotted structures as a climbing frame, the formal qualities of the text can be explored through body movements, a process which reveals the ease and difficulty of grasping, returns the temporal experience of reading and which points to reading as an action which necessarily requires active engagement.

    About the artist
    Marta Beauchamp’s work focusses on translating scientific publications into visual and auditory experiences, bringing theoretical knowledge to an experiential space. Her artistic research in circadian rhythmicity and climate change is linked by the study of the limits that both individual organisms and the earth system have in adapting to changes.

    Marta Beauchamp (born 1990, IT/UK) works as an installation and sound artist in Salzburg, AT. Her ongoing PhD in practice project “Tipping points in translation” results from the fusion of her previous practice in music, neuroscience, design and media arts.

    Visit her website here

    Supported by STADT:SALZBURG, Kultur, Bildung und Wissen

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