Economia Abundance Dinner

  • Economia Abundance Dinner 

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    Embracing the challenge of over-production

    with Arne Hendriks and Thorwald Voss

    What do food waste and the economy have in common? And what to do with leftover crops as a result of an exceptionally good harvest? Our current economic system turns perfectly eatable vegetables and nourishing foods into a worthless surplus. The affluent cabbage harvest last year was too much for farmers to process for a fair price, resulting in an economical devaluation of cabbages to prices of nearly zero.

    For artist Arne Hendriks, last season’s cabbage surplus raised one clear question: how to deal with abundance? Hendriks and Chef Thorwald Voss (Mediamatic) consider the Abundance Dinner as a way to embrace the challenge of agricultural over-abundance. We will reinstate the value of such ‘waste products’ together by demonstrating that with enough creativity, skill and determination, abundance becomes an inspiration for delight and indulgence. After this experience, you’ll never look at cabbage in the same way again!

    During this performative dinner, Arne Hendriks will take you on an immersive food journey. The evening is centered around a five-course dinner, celebrating cabbage as the hero in every dish. Together, Thorwald and Arne will create a setting that stimulates all the senses and challenges the way we look at food. This abundance sets the stage to talk about the way we handle food, our economic system and the value of consumption in our society.

    Book launch: Methods for Reclaiming Economy
    Part of the dinner is the Eindhoven book launch of Baltan’s latest publication Economia: Methods for Reclaiming Economy. The publication is derived from the successful Economia festival, organized by Baltan in April 2017. Artist Paolo Cirio and financial journalist Brett Scott will present their contribution to the book during the Abundance Dinner.

    The Abundance Dinner is a collaboration with Mediamatic and Wall Street Eindhoven, supported by Creative Industries fund NL.

    Practical information
    Start dinner: 17:30 PM
    Location: Wall Street, Stadhuisplein 6, Eindhoven

    €40,00 Abundance Dinner early bird ticket (limited availability)
    €50,00 Abundance dinner ticket (excluding drinks)
    €15,00 Drink pairing (including alcoholic beverages)

    The Economia Abundance Dinner is a vegan dinner, celebrating the abundance of plant-based ingredients. The dinner consists of a wide variety of dishes that appear on the table in five different courses. A separate ticket is available for complementing the courses with pairing drinks.

    In case you have any questions regarding allergies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    This dinner was originally created at Mediamatic as part of their Kool Kabbage winter program.

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