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    Baltan Laboratories is starting a new residency program “Occupy Baltan Social Design Residency” with three new residents to occupy the Lab. Together they will work in the field of social design involving local communities.
    To kick off this program, Baltan invites you, the public, local communities, and social design actors to meet the new residents, exchange ideas on social design, network and taste our self-made fries!

    The topic:
    Social Design practices often involve a mix of different professions, interests, and backgrounds. Creatives enter unknown contexts where they meet and get to interact with communities, who all have their own cultural background and personal story.
    By organizing events like this, Baltan aims to shine extra light on the development of a fair and inclusive process for all parties involved. This means we will keep testing out the sensibility of our process and collect the results to contribute to possible future applications in the field of social design.

    Three local organizations working in social design will give insight into their practice, how they work with local communities and how to improve the field together. These guests-speakers are:
    Joes + Manon – local social design studio and part of Kade Clubhuis
    Tante Netty – Woensel West neighborhood activators and cultural space
    • Bernhard Lenger – Studio Bernhard Lenger / co-founder of Foundation We Are

    The evening will be moderated by Meis Suker. After the discussions, our new residents will present their new projects, where they will be working on for the following four months. The evening will conclude in an informal setting with DIY French fries and drinks. We look forward to welcoming you at the fairly recently opened KEVN.

    Our new residents are:
    Viviana M. Calderon de la Barca has a master’s degree in screenwriting.
    Her project Occupy Cultural Threads is a social and intergenerational project, that is part of her new documentary film on women artists, designers, and entrepreneurs involved in the (alternative) textile craft in Eindhoven, as in other parts of the Netherlands and the world.

    Martina Eddone is a Master of Art in Information Design. She will explore how to facilitate processes of community making, under the premise of ecology and respect. She is focusing on unconventional interactions among people and between people and (public) spaces.

    Camila Vieira is graduated in Art; History, Criticism, and Curatorship from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.
    She will be working on The Immigrant’s Imagery Museum, a virtual 360°exhibition that reunites the most iconic artworks of the origin country of the newcomers who came to Eindhoven as immigrants.

    Our new residents also have a budget for a coach of their own choice to help them with their project. Feel free to introduce yourself to them during the drinks afterwards.

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