The Art of Financial Hacking

  • Infiltrating the financial system masterclass 

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    As part of Economia festival Baltan Laboratories is hosting an extensive two-day masterclass about the art of financial hacking. In this masterclass, acclaimed artist Paolo Cirio and financial explorer Brett Scott will take you on a journey into the dark heart of finance, showcase previous financial art-hacks, and then help you design your own.

    The financial sector – when viewed from afar – can seem like a desolate, cold and brutal mix of relentless money-making, mathematics and Machiavellian mystery. Increasingly though, adventurous artists, hackers and activists are probing the contours of the sector, using it as raw material for fun and subversive financial hacks. Can you build a hedge fund as a way to infiltrate into the inner workings of the sector, or can you design an algorithm that jams the traditional logic of markets? What about going undercover, or using the sector as the setting for interactive theatre? 

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