Expo Takeover: Flatland

  • Exhibition by Boey Wang and André van de Wijdeven 

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    Meet Boey Wang and André van de Wijdeven during a takeover of Baltan’s expo space. The two artists have set themselves a challenge: to disclose the ‘DNA’ of Andre’s sculptures into a linear narration through comic drawings. By doing so they explore the narrative gap between material and image, space and flatness, dynamic perspective, and fixed frames.

    The exhibition will be open from the 22nd of April till the 3rd of June. On the 22nd of April the exhibition will be festively opened with a chat with the artists and drinks. You can join us from 17.00 to 19.00 and get a reminder via our Facebook event.

    About the exhibition
    The exhibition is the connection between different forms of sculpture, cinematographically narration and comics. While experimenting with this method of ‘Disclosing Sculpture Through Linear Narratives’, Boey and André are finding new ways of understanding their art in a dialogue with one another. ‘In this collaboration between a master Dutch sculptor and an Asian young cartoonist, the two are from different countries, cultural backgrounds, generations, and art fields. The collaboration addresses the attitude of being inclusive, collaborative, and diverse’.

    About the artists
    André van de Wijdeven has a very rich history in sculpture making and exhibitions. He studied in Tilburg at the Academy of Fine Arts and has done many solo, duo, and group exhibitions all over the Netherlands. His work is playful, witty and sensual, often downright voluptuous. There is no preconceived plan, no fixed theme. The sculpture literally grows under his hands, in an intuitive process of constantly creating and recreating. In this way he searches for the pure essence of the form. Not to its aesthetics, but to its emotional expressiveness.
    Boey Wang is a comic artist and product designer currently studying at Design Academy Eindhoven. A narrator at heart, Boey Wang is drawn to stories or rather, the attempt of capturing mundane moments in life that are too often overlooked, responding to them with a unique humanistic touch. The seemingly inconspicuous matters interest him, and even the most ordinary object can become the subject of his stories.

    This exhibition is kindly supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, TAC, Baltan Laboratories and Herman van de Wijdeven, who wrote the texts for the cartoons in the exhibition and devised the storyline.

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