Baltan session: the tools series #5

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    Have you ever wondered what is going on “behind the scenes” on social networks like Facebook? In this workshop we will explore our so-called social data and get a glimpse at how it is viewed by the company and third parties who access it.

    In order to break several myths about Facebook applications, you will be invited to take part in designing small programs that extracts and manipulate you and your friend’s online information. Nothing will be written back to Facebook at any time, we will only be reading existing data. No data will be collected or viewable by anyone else.

    No programming experience is required. Basic knowledge of javascript can be useful to explore more advanced possibilities of the Facesponge sandbox. This workshop is part of the Naked on Pluto project, a satirical text adventure Facebook game concerned with issues of online privacy and control within centralized commercial social networks, designed and written by Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux and Dave Griffiths.

    Facesponge is developed in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories. All Naked on Pluto software is released under free culture licenses.

    Naked on Pluto presentation
    Gameplay session
    Anatomy of an FB app
    Introduction to Facesponge
    Breaking FB apps myths
    Group discussion

    Practical information
    The workshop will be taught in English.
    You will need to bring your own laptop.
    Places are limited.

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