Festival of Poetry-Shaped Art

  • Festival of Poetry-Shaped Art 

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    An afternoon full of poetry-shaped art is coming at Baltan!

    On the 26th of June, we are hosting a one-day festival held by the FOPSA team. At Baltan, we constantly explore how disciplines are getting out of their boxes and intertwining in different combinations and mutual contaminations in a suspended space of indisciplinarity. For this reason, we have decided to support this new project by hosting the festival in our spaces and contributing with a workshop by our resident artist Marta Beauchamp.

    During the festival, you can participate in a series of workshops revolving around the theme of poetry and language. You will also attend dance and contemporary art performances, as well as exhibitions and the launch of a book. It is a unique opportunity for exchanging ideas and sharing a creative space with our community.

    Please register on Eventbrite (10 euro)

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