AI and robotics: for us, with us or against us?

  • Frankenstein Exhibition - It's Alive! 

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    AI and robotics: for us, with us or against us?

    What does it mean to create a machine that is fully autonomous, independent from human control? Technological developments like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and intelligent algorithms are becoming increasingly dominant. Soon we’ll be living with autonomous beings infiltrating the fabric of our lives. And even our bodies.

    The Frankenstein Exhibition raises questions about the responsibility we have towards technology, showing us its unlimited potential and learning mechanisms by questioning whether or not AI and robotics will make decisions for us, with us or against us?

    On October 22 you can dive deeper into this topic at the Frankenstein Symposium organised by Baltan Laboratories and Robot Love.

    We Are Data MIRROR ROOM
    In the MIRROR ROOM you can experience how it feels to become data. Who do we see, when you look in the mirror? When you enter the MIRROR ROOM you enter a magical space and will experience exciting things. At the same time, this is a smart space, monitoring and measuring you. Do innovative technologies lead to unwanted transparency?

    Cluster by Quintus Glerum
    It has always been in our nature to improve ourselves by using technology. Today, we live in an age in which technology learns to improve itself. Cluster is a robotic lifeform. By machine learning it clusters data into a neural network. It turns physical data (like a heartbeat and temperature) into movement, and slowly learns to express itself. Collectively the public gives life to this primal consciousness.

    Perfect Paul: “On Freedom of Facial Expression” by Arthur Elsenaar
    Digital persona Perfect Paul presents Elsenaar’s latest research findings on the external controlled human face. Perfect Paul unveils the expressive potential of the human face once controlled by a digital computer. The video-installation demonstrates that humans are not able to fully utilize the magnificent expressive capabilities of their own faces.

    Artificial Intelligence Training Centre by Bureau Moeilijke Dingen
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that mimics how we as humans make sense of things. An AI cannot be programmed in the same way as traditional computer programs, but instead it needs to be trained with huge amounts of data. In this centre it’s up to you to teach everyday products the right behaviour and help them make sense of the world.

    Fictional Journal issue 03: Uncanny
    The will to automate material, be it from clay, expired flesh, marble or rubber, has long permeated the social imaginary of humans. We now find ourselves in a moment where the material with which we form, artificial intelligence (AI), is already in some ways becoming ‘alive’. Fictional Journal’s Issue 03. Uncanny, in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories, presents responses which dive into the paradox between the ‘creator’ and the ‘creation’ and the future of this relationship.

    Free entrance.
    On Monday October 22nd, the exhibition will be open until 23:00.

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