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  • Exploration and visual portrait of a neighbourhood 

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    Full Voids: exploration and visual portrait of a neighborhood

    The workshop is developed by Martina Eddone as part of Occupy Baltan

    Full Voids investigates how representations of the urban landscape influence the way we co-habit it. The project now takes the shape of a workshop, aimed to create a collective visual portrait of a neighbourhood.

    The workshop consists of four parts:
    • a collective analysis of the google maps image of the neighbourhood,
    • an individual one-hour exploration of the neighbourhood, with collection of visual notes
    • a collective creation of a collage of the visual notes
    • an individual and collective reflection on the subjectivity of each perspective

    Using the collage as a matrix, several copies of it will be printed by Martina, the workshop facilitator, with the Risograph technique. 10 copies will be distributed back to each participant, who in turn are encouraged to give them to their neighbours.

    Exercising awareness, attention and critical reflection towards everything that is part of our normality and everyday life, is the first step to realise how artificially constructed – and therefore possibly subjected to change – is most of the social dynamics, habits, traditions that we normally consider as ‘natural’ and immutable. This awareness should make us feel empowered to enact changes in the way we live together, starting even from a very small scale like our own household.

    The general aim of this research is to use visual and information design to reflect on what it means to be sustainable in different aspects of life, first on a local level, then progressively (and possibly) towards a global perspective. In particular, Full Voids aims to strengthen in us the feeling of being part of a collective interdependent whole (the ecosystem), next to being a single individual entity, starting from looking at our everyday space – your household, your school, your neighbourhood.

    To book a spot: via eventbrite
    Every workshop is for a max. of 5 people.
    If there will be more people interested, a second one in December can be organised.

    About the designer
    Martina Eddone is an Italian visual designer, currently based in the Netherlands, who holds a master’s degree in Information Design (Design Academy Eindhoven). Although with a professional background mostly related to graphic and web design, she has always been interested in physical spaces and participatory practices related to design and storytelling.

    Eddone interprets information design as a tool to facilitate the dissemination of and access to knowledge, with the final aim to make the audience question the way they perceive the world around them and themselves in relation to it. The latest steps of her research led to a reflection on ecosystem representation, and specifically, on how to turn the making of an ecosystem representation into a participatory process that triggers unconventional interactions among people and between people and places.

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