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  • Hack the Body during TodaysArt 

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    On Friday, September 25, we will be part of TodaysArt festival in Scheveningen (The Hague, NL) with our Hack the Body Program.

    From 13h to 16h30, a number of invited experts will enter into a dialogue and in depth discussion on the following topics:

    1) Biometric synchronization: theories and observations
    Can two or more people synchronize their biometric signals (heart beat, respiration, gsr-sweat) with each other? Can synchrony of these signals be induced? What measure of synchrony can be established? How can synchrony be represented, modeled within the environment, and used as a catalyst for feedback?

    2) Hardware for biometric sensing and feedback
    ECG, EEG, GSR.. sensors, lights, speakers, tactile vests… What are the devices and platforms readily used within the program? What other options are available commercially or as developer’s kits? What are the pros and cons of each of them? How can we exchange (knowledge about) this hardware?

    3) Software: algorithms and platforms
    Which software platforms do we use to collect and analyze data? Which filters do we apply in our algorithms? What requirements do data sets have to comply with in order to analyze them? Where and how can we store and exchange software and data? Which strategy, rules and regulations do we follow regarding data collection and privacy?

    Places are invitation only and limited to those who can have an active contribution to one or more of the topics. Do you feel you should be part of this? Please send an e-mail to motivating why we should send you a last-minute invite.

    From 16h45 to 18h, we will publically present our program as part of the Bright Collisions Symposium of TodaysArt, more specifically the session on “Sensory Experience and Enhanced Realities”. This session will feature Hack the Body as well as other contributions. A ‘must attend’ to get new inspiration.

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