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    On March 29th, Baltan Laboratories joins forces with TAC for the Hack the Body talks - an afternoon of lectures on robotics, the human body and identity. Hack the Body talks is part of TAC's Reloading Technology program.

    Marco Donnarumma will give a presentation on his SENTIENT MACHINES residency at Baltan Laboratories and his Amygdala project. Assistant Prof. Sven Nyholm at the department Ethics and Philosophy at Technical University Eindhoven will give a lecture on his research on sex robots.

    About Marco Donnarumma
    Artist and scholar Marco Donnarumma distinguishes himself by his use of emerging technology to deliver artworks that are at once intimate and powerful, oneiric and uncompromising, sensual and confrontational. Working with biotechnology, biophysical sensing, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and neurorobotics, Donnarumma expresses the chimerical nature of the body with a new and unsettling intensity. He holds a ph.D. in performing arts, computing and body theory from Goldsmiths, University of London, and is currently a Research Fellow at the Berlin University of the Arts in partnership with the Neurorobotics Research Lab Berlin.

    About Sven Nyholm
    Sven Nyholm is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His main areas of research are applied ethics (especially the ethics of technology), ethical theory, and the history of ethics. More specifically, he has recently published on love-relationships and biomedical enhancements, sex robots, motivation-enhancements, accident-algorithms for self-driving cars, deep brain stimulation, happiness and well-being, meaning in life, and interpersonal respect and moral reasoning.

    About Reloading Technology
    From March 23 until May 4th the exhibition at TAC brings users, designers, artists, companies, and universities together in order to negotiate how the values and meanings of technological innovation affect society. The participants showcase ways in which innovation has and will impact society, creating overlaps, bridges and temporary connections between the broad variety of approaches. Besides the exhibition, a large public program will include workshops, panel discussion, and screenings.

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