• Hermitage 3.0 

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    Baltan Session at Holst Centre

    Hermitage 3.0 is a concept for a project in which (media) art, silence/contemplation, sustainability and technology will merge and strengthen each other.

    Media artist Danielle Roberts will build a small house into which she will withdraw at regular intervals to live the life of a hermit. Besides providing a place for silence and contemplation the building and technologies integrated into the house and on the body of the occupant will support the ancient goal of all hermits: gain insight and wisdom into the true nature of the self and reality as a whole. With the participating Holst Centre researchers, Danielle will explore questions around the impact of extensive environmental and body sensing on the individual, optimising the hermitage in different environments, and living sustainably in a smart and expressive home.

    Biography Danielle Roberts
    The work of media artist Danielle Roberts is positioned at the intersection of art, design, science and technology. Her pieces can be interpreted as ‘tools for awareness.’ Integrated into everyday life sensor and mobile technologies help her to extend the senses way beyond the common field of view. Through measuring and collecting of invisible influences she renders the invisible to image. The boundaries between her daily life and art are blurring. Networked and wireless technologies and emerging phenomena like Open Data enable her to (automatically) quantify herself and her life. Her ideal, creating art simply through living, is getting closer day by day.

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