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  • Hive Panels by HiveKit 

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    The Hive Panels installation demonstrates a solution to easily design and program complex behaviours for such systems. As part of the Glow Next Baltan Laboratories and Hives Systems showcase this prototype to present the unlimited possibilities of the HiveKit. HiveKit software enables users to conceptualize, visualize, simulate and deploy complex interactive installations.

    The Hive Panels installation consists of eight elements, which can be magnetically attached to any metal surface, in any configuration. Each element is equipped with a LED-array and a infrared sensor which is capable of detecting presence and motion of persons. Since the eight parts are interconnected they not only react on the audience, but also on each other.

    Hive Panels is a demonstration of the possibilities offered by HiveKit. The software behind this installation can be supported widespread: in smartphones and smart street lighting, but also in facade covering or floor tiles. The technique allows us to think differently about the control and design of complex interactive systems in the future. Hive Panels installation has been developed by Hive Systems in collaboration with Chris Kievid Design.

    Hive Systems provides consultancy and software solutions for design and realization of large-scale, interactive systems. They specialize in integrating sheer numbers of networked sensing and actuating devices that are required for creating complex behavioral patterns. Their expertise lies in the fields of embedded systems, pervasive computing and interactive architecture.

    GLOW 2013 - Forum of Light & Architecture
    From November, 9th to 16th 2013, the city center of Eindhoven turns into a forum of interventions, installations and events based on the phenomena of artificial light. GLOW NEXT takes place at Strijp-S and specifically focusses on the experimental aspects of light and innovation through the meeting of art and technology by presenting an eclectic mix of prototypes, workshops, in- and outdoor installations and talks. More information visit:

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