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    ’Interaction’ and ’experience’ are the new buzzwords. Keyboard, mouse and controllers are behind us. Every object can potentially contain intelligence and add to our experience in time and space and to the relationship with our surroundings.

    In this workshop, you will actively design new interfaces and interaction models. Body sensors, motion detectors, MIT’s Makey Makey etc. will be at your disposal to create your own interface for a game, object, design. The experts of the Industrial Design Center of Howest-UGent can guide you during the process, making use of their expertise in prototyping, design thinking and creativity techniques.

    Thanks to a collaboration with Holst Centre and Groep T (KU Leuven), you will be able to work with some advanced technologies. You can work on your own project or on a case put forward by the organization. The workshop is mainly intended for students, graduates and young professionals with a design or artistic training. Participation is limited to 30 people. Entrance is free. Materials and developer kits (such as Makey Makey) will be freely available to use during the workshop and can be bought for personal use afterwards. All details and registration:

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