Liminal Space Residency

  • Artist Talk with Uchida and Feldmann 

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    Presentation by Feldmann & Uchida

    Live Q&A on Zoom

    The Liminal Space Residency organised by Art Initiative Tokyo in Japan and Baltan Laboratories in The Netherlands, invited an artist from Japan and an artist from the Netherlands to collaborate in the digital (liminal) space.

    After an online open call, Teresa Feldmann (NL) and Seira Uchida(JP) were selected to dive into the topic of liminality. Both artists focussed on their own individual projects while intensively sharing ideas and networks online. To conclude the residency period, Teresa Feldmann and Seira Uchida present their projects with a live Q&A afterwards.

    According designer Teresa Feldmann, we are living in a crisis of care. Who has invisibly held the line while the governments fail, and markets sink? Feldman questions the structures that ‘make history’. What will be recorded about the Covid-19 in annals and history textbooks for future generations? What will be erased, ignored, or glossed over? Feldmann’s artistic practice is embedded in feminist economics as she carves out a path at the intersection of design and feminism. Her project ‘Pluristories’ aims to contribute to a more inclusive historical understanding. Because if one cares enough, what emerges is a plurality of perceptions from a wide spectrum of lived realities.

    Shadow Assets 影の資産
    Seira Uchida sheds a light to the "shadow" of the Japanese family "家(IE)” system which has been in effect from 1898 to 1947. During the residency Uchida connects alternative spaces by scanning objects in 3D to merge the virtual and the real. Her aim is to share emotions and create connections that transcend prejudice and taboos among people, who are divided by the echo chambers and filter bubbles and who find it difficult to express their feelings in a society in which “sharing is monitoring”. Uchida is a conceptual performance artist and researcher based in Japan and calls herself a contemporary circuit bender. She creates site-specific works in digital space, including the Internet environment. Her recent interest has been in caring for emotions that are left behind through the development of technology.

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