Magic Tea - Danielle Roberts

  • Magic Tea: Technology in Rituals 

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    Magic Tea by Danielle Roberts

    Join the online panel discussion

    Danielle Roberts and Baltan Laboratories invite you to an online panel discussion about how the integration of technology in everyday activities can bring us closer to the essence of being rather than distancing us from ourselves.

    With the “Magic Tea” research installation Danielle aims to invite altered mind states during the activity of making and drinking tea. We invite you to join and have a conversation about Magic Tea and the opportunities and challenges connected to this type of technology use. During the event on zoom, Danielle will present the project and discuss it with the following guests:

    Dr. Somaya Ben Allouch –
    Leading expert on the interface of ubiquitous computing, human-computer interaction and health.

    Dr. Michel Decré –
    Decré is an official tea master for Japanese tea ceremonies with a background as physics engineer.

    Dr. Janinke Sturm –
    Sturm is a language and speech technologist with an expertise in the field of user-oriented design, playful interactions and influencing technology.

    Dr. Pierre Levy –
    Lévy is interested in applications of philosophy on interaction design, especially of applying embodiment theories and Japanese philosophy and culture to the everyday.

    The online panel conversation will be moderated by:
    Rens van der Vorst –
    Van der Vorst runs the platform and researches ways to make people think about their relationship with technology.

    🔎 Danielle Roberts is a visual artist, technologist, and meditator. She is fascinated by measuring and quantifying her everyday life to explore the relations between actions, space, time and state of being. Her interactive tea making and drinking installation uses rituals and stimuli that may bring you to an altered state of consciousness. Biometric data of the user is integrated in the installation. She is now collecting results from testing her installation to reach her goal: making a positive contribution to our psychological well-being towards self-transcendence via everyday activities enhanced with technology.

    The Project Magic Tea was partly realized thanks to professorship Avans: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (CARADT)

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