Marginalia Reading Group 3

  • Parable of the Sower 

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    Marginalia #3

    Make Economy Yours Again: Reading Group

    For the next Marginalia gathering we are moving to fiction. On October 11, from 18:30 – 21:00 we will discuss Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler. A dystopian novel about the future, set in 2025 (first published in 1993). We ask readers to collect their notes. The discussion in the online gathering is built around the group’s collection of marginalia.

    Marginalia are marks made in the margins of a book or other document. They may be scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles or illuminations.

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    For MEYA alumni participation is free, please send an email to to register.

    Parable of the Sower
    (311 pages / reading time: +/- 350 min)
    Suggested link to purchase the book (Ebook +/- €11 / Paperback +/- €13)

    Parable of the Sower is a dystopian novel set in the year 2025. America is a place of chaos, where violence rules, and only the rich and powerful are safe. Lauren Olamina, a young woman with the extraordinary power to feel the pain of others as her own, records everything she sees of this broken world in her journal. Then, one terrible night, everything alters beyond recognition, and Lauren must make her voice heard for the sake of those she loves. Soon, her vision becomes reality and her dreams for a better way to live gain the power to change humanity forever.

    All that you touch,
    You Change.
    All that you Change,
    Changes you.

    Octabia E. Butler (1947 – 2006) was the renowned author of numerous ground-breaking novels, including Kindred, Wild Seed and Parable of the Sower. A pioneer of het genre, Butler’s dystopian novels explore myriad themes of Black injustice, women’s rights, global warming and political disparity.

    Marginalia Reading Group
    The margins create a space where you, as a reader, mix the world you live in with the text. An in-between space in which you connect the text with your context, reflections and stories. You are usually alone in the margin of the book – it is a personal and intimate space. With its limitations, it forces you to be concise. A note allows you to revisit the book and harvest what you found interesting again. It is also a way to memorise that passage and bring it with you. With the Marginalia Reading Group, we experiment with populating the margins of a text collectively. What happens when we occupy that space together?

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