Daniel de Bruin goes abroad

  • MONIAC at INDEX Dubai 

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    MONIAC travels abroad

    On show in March at INDEX Dubai by Ventura

    We are very proud to announce that MONIAC is traveling abroad to INDEX Dubai (26-29 March, 2018). Daniel de Bruin was invited by Ventura Projects to be part of their Ventura Dubai project at this year's INDEX.

    Daniel de Bruin developed MONIAC for Baltan's Economia festival (April 2017). The installation invites you to play with the economic system. Up to five people can work the system at the same time by earning and spending money, visualized by metal balls. To earn more money, you can choose to work longer and harder, invest, speculate on the stock market or gamble. With the money you earn you can purchase candy. But watch out, prices fluctuate!

    About Ventura Dubai
    VENTURA Projects are carefully curated design events in major design hotspots like Milan, New York and Dubai. Founded, curated and produced by Organisation in Design, VENTURA events are the perfect place to get inspired and take measure of the ever rapidly changing world of design. Organisation in Design will be launching their first Middle East based Ventura Project at the INDEX Design Series in Dubai in 2018. This new VENTURA Dubai is to become an exhibition area which will focus on high-quality products, innovation, craftsmanship, and signature - a creative oasis bringing innovative design concepts to the fast-growing economy of Dubai.

    The collaboration between Baltan Laboratories and Daniel de Bruin is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

    Are you also interested in exhibiting (or buy/rent) MONIAC? Contact us: partnerships@baltanlaboratories.org

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