MONIAC Summer Exhibition

  • Installation at Baltan exhibition 

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    A playful way to represent the economy

    reimagined by designer Daniel de Bruin

    Inspired by the MONIAC (Monetary National Income Analogue Computer), built by Bill Philips in 1949, Dutch designer Daniel de Bruin developed the Moniac installation for Economia festival. This analogue installation will be on display at Baltan Laboratories from July 15 – August 27.

    The Moniac invites you to play with the economic system. Up to five people can work the system at the same time by earning and spending money, visualized by metal balls. To earn more money, you can choose to work longer and harder, invest, speculate on the stock market or gamble. By spending your money, you can consume and purchase candy. But watch out, prices can fluctuate!

    About the artist:
    Daniel de Bruin is a Dutch designer who graduated at the HKU, University of the Arts in Utrecht. In his work, de Bruin explores his role as a designer situated in an age where computers and machines take over manual labor. He is fascinated by technological progress and its effect on modern society. Among his work are the impressive installation Neurotransmitter 3000 and the mechanical 3D printer This New Technology, that both push the boundaries between man and machine.

    The collaboration between Baltan Laboratories and Daniel de Bruin is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

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