11 october

  • Natlab grand opening 

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    Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, that Subliminal Kid, is a composer, multimedia artist, editor and author. Miller’s deep interest in reggae and dub has resulted in a series of compilations, remixes and collections of material from the vaults of the legendary label Trojan Records. Another of Miller’s collaborations, Drums of Death, features Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Chuck D of Public Enemy among others.

    The electric Kiss re-enacted by Arthur Elsenaar
    The Electric Kiss is an (in)famous scientific demonstration, which became widely popular throughout Europe in the 18th Century. In the evening three performances will take place at the Baltan Basement on 20.00, 20.30, 21.00 (Free entrance).

    The Electric Kiss, an (in)famous scientific demonstration, became widely popular throughout Europe in the 18th Century. In this experiment, an attractive young lady was charged up by means of a static electric generator to a high degree of electricity. She then invited someone from the audience to kiss her. Just before contact, a strong discharging spark would jump between their lips. In effect, an electric kiss could never take place because the discharge would throw back any attempt to achieve the kiss; the electric kiss for this reason is a non-kiss. The electric kiss was first conceived of by German professor Georg Mathias Bose (1710 – 1761) who wrote “Venus Elektrificata,” a poem about his shocking experience with an electric femme fatale:

    I kissed Venus, standing on pitch.
    It pained me to the quick.
    My lips trembled
    My mouth quivered,
    my teeth almost broke.

    This contemporary re-enactment of the electric kiss will be conducted in an emancipated fashion, using both an attractive young lady and young man; Miss and Mister Kiss.

    About Arthur Elsenaar
    Arthur Elsenaar (1962) is a performance artist, former radio pirate and facial hacker from the Netherlands. Elsenaar is fascinated by the intimate relationship of electricity and the human body and is the originator of electro-facial choreography. Elsenaar has recently been awarded a Ph.D. from Nottingham Trent University in the UK on his pioneering artistic research on the expressive potential of the computer-controlled human face. His award winning work has been shown throughout Europe and the United States of America and has been acquired by the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

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