• Neighbourhood satellites energy harvests 

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    Construct harvesters for light pollution

    In everyday city living, we are surrounded by waste products from our urban infrastructures – heat waste from air conditioners, light pollution emitted from shop windows, vibration caused by heavy traffic and the loud wails of sirens. But these structural leakages are, in essence, a multitude of free power outlets for anyone wishing to collect them, because light, noise, vibration and heat can all be turned back into usable energy.

    Neighbourhood Satellites Energy Harvests examines the practical as well as theoretical possibilities of an alternative, decentralized supply of energy by asking: How can citizens use these surplus energy supplies? What would local micro-power-networks, where free energy can be collected, distributed and exchanged, look like?

    In this workshop we will follow these questions and construct small portable harvesters for light pollution. All materials and tools will be available on site. No prior knowledge required.

    Myriel Milicevic is an artist, researcher and interaction designer based in Berlin. With her Neighbourhood Satellites she explores the hidden connections between people and their natural, social, and technical environments. These explorations are mostly of a participatory nature, emerging from collaborations with other artists and scientists, in the context of workshops, classrooms, exhibitions, residencies and out in the field.

    Hanspeter works as a designer in Berlin. He mainly develops websites/applications/installations for clients like Adidas, Lodown Magazine & THEBAKERY. His background in engineering allows him to bring “objects” alive and he loves to share his knowledge as Ecoresearcher, for Fritzing or giving Arduino Workshops. Apart from that he’s crazy about music – watch out, you can spot him behind Berlin decks from time to time, playing tiki jazz, heavy metal and house all night long.

    Want to join?
    The workshop costs 10 Euros. To subscribe, please send a short bio and motivation before 20 november to carmin[at]baltanlaboratories[.]org

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