Objects in Residence Workshop #3

  • Reclaiming the Web | Lecture Workshop by Marie Dvorzak 

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    Create your own website that is independent of a third-party framework

    This workshop would also consist of a lecture on the history of the internet and perma-computing. This workshop is open to everyone, with no prior coding experience required.

    Join designer and programmer Marie Dvorzak in engaging with the history of the internet and its transformation from a military communication network into a privatized digital marketplace. The focus would be on a discussion of the internet's structure, ownership, and strategies to protect our data online.

    Objects in Residence Workshop #3
    Marie Dvorzak is one of the three artists of the Object-in-Residence trajectory, part of the Materiality of Technology strand of our 2024 Technologies Otherwise program. Starting from a specific technological “object” (in the broader sense of the term), we invited artists/designers to take it apart, materialise/ visualise how it works, analyse how it is produced and assembled, what materials are chosen and where they come from. In this way, we can situate our approach and make it specific, and from that specificity, we can tackle the more general questions we address with the whole Technologies Otherwise program.

    Content of the Workshop
    After a short lecture on the history of the internet, participants will be introduced to the basics of HTML and CSS to learn how to code their own websites. Inspired by the principles of Perma-Computing, this process will focus on creating websites that are independent of third-party frameworks and environmentally friendly, using a minimum of resources. Through the process of building their own websites, participants will hopefully gain a more personal understanding of the internet, including how it functions, the significance of its underlying technologies, and the importance of creating content that is both accessible and sustainable. This hands-on experience aims to empower individuals by demystifying the web and encouraging the responsible use of digital tools. Through different research subjects, the participants will build their own websites which will be shared and uploaded to their own Raspberry Pi-powered server.

    NB. Participants are requested to bring their laptops along. If you do not have access to a laptop and would still like to attend, please reach out to ishani@baltanlaboratories.org by 5th July.

    If possible, please try to have one of these code editors installed beforehand:
    Sublime Text

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    About the Artist
    Marie Dvorzak (she/her) is a designer and programmer with a focus on creative coding, critical design research, and the visual & technical development of complex web-applications. She completed the Information Design Masters Program at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) in 2022 and is now working as a freelancer in Vienna (AT). In the past five years, she had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of designers, artists, and studios from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy. Throughout her work, she uses creative computation and generative aesthetics as tools both inside her designs and as a gateway into a more critical investigation of the materiality of computation and its impact on related systemic issues.

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