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    In this program artistic ideas and innovative projects explore the relationship between the human body and technology.

    On Friday, September 25, during TodaysArt in Scheveningen (The Hague, NL), Baltan Laboratories officially launches its multi-year open innovation program Hack the Body. Hack the Body is a program on the intersection of art, science, technology and society. In this program Baltan Laboratories, together with its partners, critically reflects and explores the emergent developments and blurring boundaries between intimacy, privacy and technology. Artistic ideas and innovative projects explore the relationship between the human body and technology. Baltan Laboratories is convinced that these cultural approaches offer a radically different perspective compared to the traditional market oriented technological R&D approach. We believe that these different perspectives can benefit from each other.

    Next to inspiring artistic installations, this program generates new technological and scientific practice and inspires new ideas for tools, products and services. The Hack the Body research program generates both quantitative and qualitative data: valuable information for everyone connected to big-data studies and algorithms. The program aims to translate gained insights into the development of new and existing hard- and software platforms that can be used in real-life situations as well as other contextual research trajectories.

    Currently associated projects
    EEG Kiss by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat (independent artists collaborating as LancelMaat)
    Qualified Self by Chris Salter (Research Chair Concordia University Montreal, director Hexagram, independent artist), TeZ (Italian interdisciplinary artist an independent researcher) and Luis Rodil Fernandez (independent artist and programmer)
    Flow: by St Lucas Antwerp and B-Classic Music Festival
    WE ARE DATA by Tijl Akkermans, Thijs Blom and Hester Swaving in collaboration with Stichting Autres Directions, VPRO Medialab and other partners

    A selection of the program technology partners:
    Fourtress, Holst Centre, Philips, TNO

    Baltan Laboratories invites all interested parties to tune in on this project and bring in their specific insights, wishes and needs.

    Suggestions for potential partners are:

    • Engineers, software- and product developers and knowledge institutes in the domain of sensors and the ‘internet of things’ (IoT)
    • Sociologists, psychologists, behavioral- and social scientists.
    • Museums, festivals, conferences and other presentation initiatives in the cultural, technological or public domain.
    • Scholars, research programs and students interested in the relationship between technology and the human body.
    • All organizations or individuals interested in connecting with creative and interdisciplinary experimental activities.

    The presentation will be part of the Birght Collisions Symposium of TodaysArt, more specifically the session on “Sensory Experience and Enhanced Realities”.

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