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    LIVE ON Rararadio 18. 2. 2021, 4 - 5 PM


    Tune in for RARARA LALALAB live. After a successful radio show, a follow up is planned with the theme Woman in Music on February 18. During the show, Baltan director Olga Mink and René van Peer will share music from their favorite archives. Rene van Peer is a music journalist with a keen interest in exploring eccentric electronic and improvised music and write for different music magazines, such as Gonzo.

    The radio show promises an eclectic variety of hidden gems about the role of women in music. The attention for women as creative spirits in music still lags far behind the attention for men. René delves into music of unprecedented intensity and quality, playful and chilling sounds, which have in common that they were conceived and performed by women, although men are allowed to play along.

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