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    Free workshops and presentations

    As part of Open Werkplaatsen Dag

    Join us for an afternoon of brainstorming, knowledge exchange and hands-on projects around the theme of social innovation at Baltan’s first Open ‘Social Innovation’ Lab. This session will also be a unique opportunity to work together and connect with the six international artists from the Age of Wonderland program:


    Bio-Electro-Synth workshop by Andreas Siagian
    This workshop introduces the use of an electronic medium to detect, respond and interact with living organisms, and the participants are invited to create and assemble simple electronic instruments. These instruments will react by producing a certain sound or light to the touch and movement of an object or users’ instruments. Follow Siagians' Lab-in-a-Lab project as part of Age of Wonderland. For more information on Andreas' work see his WordPress and the LifePatch website.

    Tomato workshop by Louise Zaxarea and super-
    In the Netherlands, the total export value of the goods affected by the Russian boycott on EU products rises to over €500 million, out of that, €300 million stands for the exportation of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Particularly hard has hit the tomato market as the Netherlands is the number one exporter. The Dutch agriculture and horticulture sold last year for about $ 1.8 billion (1.3 billion euros) of tomatoes over the border, while Mexico exported "only" 1.7 billion dollars.

    The Tomato Lab aims to increase the local tomato consumption by teaching the general Dutch public different methods of preparing and preserving tomato. The science behind drying and pickling tomatoes will be explained during this workshop and participants will have the chance to learn the art of preparing the tomato marmalade, Bloody Mary, and many other tomato recipes.


    Eindh-made by Andrea de Chirico
    “Eindh-made”undefined is an alternative local production network that considers Eindhoven as a factory and its infrastructures are the new conveyor belts of the supply chain. Knowledge, space, and already existing networks come together to give birth to practical objects. Raw materials are found in town, from thriftstore as well as metal junkyards and turned into new objects. With the intention of connecting with potential members with skills and ideas in order to come up with the next production line, “Eindh-made” takes part in this Open Social Innovation Lab.

    Timerepublik by Cristian Boscheri
    At the core of creating a sustainable society, a considerable values shift in individuals and communities is needed. To find ways to make people collaborate with each other and to make the most creative and talented minds contribute to sustainable development, innovative projects such as Timerepublik emerge.

    Timerepublik is an online platform where people can connect with others to exchange skills, tasks and teach each other. The currency is time and not money, implying that one can use the earned time to receive a service from others. About 15 000 people worldwide are using it, but many more are needed in order to gain a benefit from it, especially for local communities. Eindhoven will be a really interesting living lab.

    E-Trabant by Rolf van Gelder & Renier Wijnen
    The Trabant is a very small, lightweight, compact vehicle that is made from recycled plastic (duroplast), they were produced from the late 50’s to the early 90’s. With almost 4 million of these made, and a lot of them having survived up to this day and being very inexpensive in purchase and spare parts, unlike any car, what they offer is perfect for an incredible change of heart: making something old, undesired and practically extremely wasteful into something entirely modern, hip and completely eco-friendly. More info here.

    The Open ‘Social Innovation’ Lab is part of the Open Werkplaatsen Dag from TOP GEMAAKT Symposium 2-3-4 Oktober, organized by Platform Werkplaatsen.

    *Baltan Laboratories and Hivos have joined efforts to become the new program partner for Dutch Design Week 2014 with the project Age of Wonderland. Six creative talents from Latin America, Africa, and Asia are currently in Eindhoven as artists-in-residence since mid-September in preparation for DDW14. They are working together with the local community, focusing on research, knowledge sharing and experimentation.

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