Tools for Resistance Workshop #3

  • Open-source Alternatives for Multimedia Production | Workshop by Denis “Jaromil” Roio 

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    Set your operating system free from the market control

    Bring an (old) Windows laptop, USB stick (2GB or more), and an ethernet cable (optional)

    Dynebolic is a 100% free Live Operating System for multimedia production (Streaming, Audio, Video, Graphics, Publishing) based on GNU/Linux. It runs just plugging a USB stick into an old PC and requires no installation, to recycle old hardware into media activism workstations.

    Dynebolic comes with no ads, spyware or attempts to make one pay to be creative: it is one of very few operating systems in the world recommended by the Free Software Foundation and it allows people to produce rather than just consume media with a free player and expensive producer products. has been making dynebolic for 20 years now because they believe in freedom and fight consumerism: They run workshops to help people recycle old PCs and invent new ways to communicate online, free from corporate platforms and their invasion of privacy, their ads, and their need to profit from everyone's imagination.

    To join the workshop, bring an (old) Windows laptop, USB stick (2GB or more), and an ethernet cable (optional) and see how much we can do when we are free from the lies of market control and consumerist upgrade fever. If you don’t have a Windows laptop and you want to join anyway, we have 4 Windows computers available. Choose the dedicated ticket option, and we will provide it for you.

    About Denis “Jaromil” Roio (
    Jaromil is a purpose-driven software craftsman and well-known ethical hacker. Author of what has been dubbed as the most elegant computer code ever written, he is a pioneer of the Permacomputing approach in software development. Founder of, Jaromil has a long history in developing and disseminating digital tools for freedom of expression, participatory democracy and privacy. His creations, inspired by the ethics of free software, are used worldwide by public and private organizations. For info and publications, see the link.

    About Technologies Otherwise
    This Tools for Resistance workshop is part of Baltan’s year program Technologies Otherwise, which attempts to unpack, redefine and ultimately foster a healthier relationship with the technologies surrounding us. The programme explores two different directions to inform alternative technological futures, focusing on the material aspect of technology and the new stories we should create to guide the imaginations of plural technologies. Let us restart and do technology otherwise: open it up, unscrew it, dissect its materials, and rethink the narratives behind it. Let us reclaim our imaginative power and develop new stories that could inspire this process.
    The event is kindly supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie as a part of Baltan’s year programme Technologies Otherwise and by Cultuur Eindhoven

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