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    Two hands on sessions around the theme of wearables and smart textiles

    Two days of collaboration and knowledge sharing

    As part of the program of the conference Shaping (un)common grounds, ArcInTex and Baltan Laboratories present two Open Labs sessions. With the intention of bringing together industrial partners, PhD students, artists and other people interested in smart textiles for wearables, interior and architecture and have the opportunity to meet each other, demonstrate their projects and ideas, and share knowledge by actively working together.

    Both ‘hands-on’ sessions will center around a selection of projects from the international networks of students and experts from Baltan Open Labs and ArcInTex. These projects will be used as starting point to invite the participants of the workshop to co-create and explore in multidisciplinary teams new and interesting directions. The aim is not only to bring the projects to a next level but also to create new connections among participants, share ideas, and expand the community.

    Wednesday 15/10: Open Labs. TU/e Wearable Senses projects
    Wearable Senses is one of the themes in the curriculum of the Industrial Design Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Research and education is combined in interactive products, systems, and related services for societal transformation that are worn on or near the body. Students and graduates from Wearable Senses will present their projects.

    Thursday 16/10: Open Labs. Baltan Laboratories network projects
    Baltan Open Labs is an active community for inspiration, imagination, suggestion and improvement. It is a free experimental space away from a work-related context, where you can create sustainable links with engineers, designers, artists, scientists, doers, thinkers, and other creatives… and give your project (or someone else’s) the potential to grow and reach more and new audiences. This ‘hands-on’ session will center around a selection of projects from the Open Labs network.

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