• Performing Working: The body at work and the work of being a body 

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    The Body is a Movement

    DDW WORKOUTS: Performing Working. The body at work and the work of being a body

    Taking time off to do things that the body enjoys, demanding working conditions that don’t turn you against your body, being aware of the impact being a body has on its surroundings: all of it is work. During this workshop we will address, through exchange and practice, three aspects of what we understand is the work of being a body: Self care, World care, Working within and through the body.

    Self care: Taking unproductive (or reproductive) time to take care of our bodies. Napping during the day (also at work), doing stuff that's good for your body, allowing it to speak (not making it your enemy), taking time off work to do that or demanding working conditions that dont turn you against your body. How to do this, and more importantly, how to do this together?

    World care: Taking responsibility for, or at least having an awareness of, our also having a second body. How to do this?

    Working with and through the body: collaborating with the body, activating it as a knowledge centre, a knowledge catalyst, a research instrument, a partner in crime. How to do that?

    The workshop will be led by Philippine Hoegen and Laura Oriol:

    Philippine Hoegen is a visual artist working mostly with performance, exploring ways in which we continuously create versions of ourselves, what triggers this and what their existence means for our understanding of 'self'.

    Hoegen is currently a researcher and PD Candidate at the Professorship Expanding Artistic Practices, HKU, Utrecht with the project Performing Working. In the past 2 years, this has led her to focus specifically on how this functions in the contexts of work. Hoegen approaches performance as a way of thinking in which the physical is involved, a way to generate versions of the self and to activate those versions in research questions. Hoegen is also part of State of the Arts, an activist platform for the arts.

    Laura Oriol is a multidisciplinary and research based practicioner focusing on collective collaborations, practices of encounter, questions on participation, scenography and the design of environments that enable dialogues.

    Her mediums include performance, audio recording, podcasts, pedagogy, scenography, activism and writing. While he began her career with a dance and performance art practice, her masters at Kask & Conservatorium in Autonomous Design, allowed her to shift to working both collectively and through participatory forms. She is also part of State of the Arts (SOTA), a laboratory for activist/artistic. In collectives, she is particularly curious about practicing horizontal governance, imagining collaborative organizational structures that distribute power and include people’s skills and limits as well as practice care.

    How to register:
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    Please note: The Body is a Movement is part of the Dutch Design Week program at Sectie-c. Therefore, you must have a Dutch Design Week wristband/ticket to access the exhibition and workshops. You can buy the Dutch Design Week ticket here. The Eventbrite registration alone is not enough to grant you access to the workshop.

    About the Body is a Movement
    During DDW we reclaim and reconnect with our bodies in an exhibition (The Gym) and a workout programme. While living in capitalist structures, our bodies became vehicles for profit. to be optimised for productivity and efficiency. These beautiful, astonishing, wondrous bodies of ours, capable of experiencing so much joy and excitement - how can we reclaim them? You can find the full programme here.

    The Body is a Movement is developed by Baltan Laboratories and Onomatopee, and kindly supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

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