Preview: Make Economy Yours Again #2

  • How can we rehearse change and not just think of it? 

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    How can we rehearse change and not just think of it?

    Presentation of Make Economy Yours Again and preview of the second edition

    Are you considering joining Make Economy Yours Again (MEYA)? On December 16th, 19:00-20:30 we have an online preview of the second edition. This will be an occasion to learn more about the approach behind the learning community and get a feeling of what a MEYA gathering looks like.

    How can we go beyond capitalism in re-thinking today’s economy? Are western value systems sufficient when exploring a new relationship with nature? Can feelings enable us to develop agency towards the economy? How can we make the economy our economy? The learning community aims to make complex challenges relatable and feelable, to grasp them without the presumption of fully understanding them, in order to develop agency towards them. The end goal is to create a new knowledge base for rehearsing economic change.

    MEYA leading learners Lorenzo Gerbi, Leif Czakai, Matilde Losi and Marlou van der Cruijsen will guide you through the format, content and exercises that are at the base of the learning community. As a nice extra, we will present the preview of the MEYA #1 publication.
    Please register via Eventbrite and make sure to send your physical address to, so we can send you a copy of the publication in January 2022.

    This event will happen on Zoom, you can join through the following link:

    🎟 Do you want to join our learning community? Check this link (deadline to apply: December 22th for early bird, final deadline January 20th)

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