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  • Privacy Cafe at Baltan Laboratories 

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    Join the workshop!

    At the Privacy Café you will learn, in a workshop setting, to secure your digital personal information. This can be seen as a digital self-defence.

    What: Learn to digitally defend yourself on your laptop, tablet or smartphone

    Who: For anyone who wants to protect his or her personal data and wants to be tracked less online

    Why: To help you to be protected when you go online

    During the workshop the volunteers of the Privacy Café will help you. They will help you to tweak your laptop, tablet and smartphone in a way that you are less tracked online and are better protected. Join us, and be smarter than curious businesses, governments and digital criminals.

    Knowledge in the field of computer security is not a requirement, but we assume that you have some basic computer skills. We are happy to help you with your digital security, but we give no computer classes.

    Each café starts with a small introduction on how the Internet really works. What is metadata? What are tracking cookies? And why is encryption important? In addition, the organizers of the Privacy Café talk about their role in the public debate on privacy and freedom of communication.

    The focus of the Privacy Café is self-experience with the software. Depending on your level of knowledge, you will pay attention to:

    • Digital dos and don'ts: your passwords, physical security, rely on the web
    • Limiting the tracks that you leave behind: online cookies, tracking, encrypted connections
    • Anonymous merge Web: Tor
    • Encrypted email: PGP, like Snowden
    • Encrypted chat: with CryptoCat and OTR
    • You protect files: with TrueCrypt

    For more information visit (Dutch)

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