Challenging our current food system

  • Provocative Seminar on Food 

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    We are eating our own planet and what we are eating is destroying our health.

    The world is producing more food than ever. Yet, a world in which people have access to healthy and nutritious food produced in a manner that ensures food security now and in the future, is further away than ever. The current food system is not only unequal, the quality of what is produced and made available to consumers is also far from adequate from a human and planetary perspective.

    Therefore Hivos and Baltan Laboratories will challenge some assumptions about the current food system.

    Experts with different backgrounds and from all over the world will reflect on the amount, quality, and production process of our food and give their perspectives on the food system in 2020. Two of them are participating in this year’s Age of Wonderland, a 3-year program which is jointly developed by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week in order to foster social innovation. Can we find common ground between these different perspectives and come up with new insights for our food system?

    Thursday, 21st of May from 7.30 PM -9.30 PM

    Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven


    Carol Gribnau, Director Green Society Department of Hivos, who will reflect on “Sustainable Diets 4All”.

    Arne Hendriks, Artist, curator and ambassador of Dutch Design Week 2014 and winner of the Future Concepts Award of the Dutch Design Awards with “The Incredible Shrinking Man” in 2013.

    Klaas de Vries, Advisor Food & Nutrition Security and Private Sector Development at Center for Development Innovation, Wageningen, who will present the nutritional dimension of food in combination with the growing need for food.

    Yoyo Yogasmana, Artist with a degree from the Fine Art Department of the Institute of Knowledge and Education in Bandung, Indonesia, who will be “reviving the ancient seasonal calendar system of the Pranata Mangsa”.

    Gus van der Feltz, Global Director City Farming at Philips (tbc), is reflecting on Philips’ City Farming concept: “Indoor farms grow vegetables sustainable and locally”.

    Maria Teresa Nogales, Founder and director of Alternativas, an NGO dedicated to generating sustainable approaches to greater food security in Bolivia’s growing cities will present her approach on how to involve cross-disciplinary urban actors to cooperatively built an urban food movement.

    Questioning the three narratives that dominate the current debate on food-related issues:

    • The current food debate is dominated by the quantity of production.
    • We should focus on the quality of food – quality food on the plate of all citizens.
    • We should deal more carefully with our limited natural resources for food production.

    Let’s re-define our assumptions!

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