Infrastructures for Participation

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    By Gabriel A. Maher and Roberto Perez Gayo

    Date: 28 may 2020
    Time: 17:00 – 18:00
    Location: Online
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    On the 28th of May Gabriel A. Maher and Roberto Perez Gayo will present the online publication ‘Infrastructures for Objection’, one of the results of their design research project on the Strijp-S area called ‘Infrastructures for Participation’. Building upon their six weeks residency at Baltan Laboratories and Trudo - and the public events, and exhibition they presented to the public in March -, the designers will continue exploring critically the role of design and designing practices in shaping the identities and social relationships of the inhabitants of Strijp-S.

    The gentrification and commercialization of public space, the convergence of urban and media space and the use of information and algorithmic technologies in cities has been rapidly developing in the last years. To understand the impact that such processes have on the identities, behaviours and relationships of inhabitants it is not sufficient to problematize current cultural or political debates. Instead, it is crucial to understand the role of design in the development of contemporary urban space.

    Employing anthropological and design research methodologies, and operating from queer and intersectional frameworks, the designers examined during their residency how urban infrastructures in the Strijp-S area (re)produce identities, orient behavior and what are the power relationships that arise in this context. In the process, the designers involved key stakeholders and community members of Strijp-S such as organizations, inhabitants, students and urban planners.

    On 28 May at 17:00, Maher and Perez Gayo will present a new instalment of their project, which will provide a new entry point into their body of research. In a 30-minute presentation, the designers will dive into their research materials and guide you along their project process. Afterwards there is space for conversation and discussion. If you’d like to join this free event, please write us an email to

    The Future of Strijp-S
    This presentation is part of the residency trajectory ‘The Future of Strijp-S’, organized by Baltan Laboratories and Trudo. Baltan and Trudo have established this residency on the future of housing and urban development to stimulate crossovers and experimentation, as well as to initiate new collaborations. The program acts as a driver for talent development for professional creatives, with a focus on social issues. More info about The Future of Strijp-S...

    More information
    This project is part of Baltans Homo Socialis topic. Within this topic we explore the tension between individualism and our deep human desire to be part of a community.

    This project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Provincie Noord-Brabant and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

    Supporting partner: Trudo

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