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    RARARA_LALALAB hosted by Baltan Laboratories and Rararadio is a new radio talkshow which shares some of the research developed at Baltan Laboratories. In these sessions Baltan elaborates on projects and events as part of its public research program, starting with the topic Homo Economicus.

    From June until October, Baltan presents Economia - The Limited Edition online. Economia is a laboratory of ideas; a place where, for a while, we can step out of the existing frame and approach economy in an unexpected, playful manner. For the 3rd edition of RARARA_LALALAB, Olga Mink, director Baltan Laboratories, invites TINKEBELL. to the studio.

    During the radioshow, TINKEBELL. will discuss her artistic engaged projects together with director Olga Mink. After the session, the artist talk by TINKEBELL. will take place online. Check for more information.


    TINKEBELL. provokes by exemplifying the blind spots of modern society. She confronts a public that revels in being indignant about everything that has nothing to do with them, but at the same time is very apologetic about their own actions. She questions why millions of male chicks are brutally killed every day, but she gets arrested for threatening to do the same in public. Why are people who openly discuss the lowering of the sexual age of consent treated as vile pedophiles, but are 'barely 18' websites intensely popular?

    TINKEBELL. became famous by turning her own cat into a handbag. With this project she showed people their own hypocrisy about the use of animals for consumption and leather production. If anything, her works form an extreme incentive for the discussion of our morals and the way society is developing. TINKEBELL.’s research revolves around frictions in our norms: How we behave, how we live, how we connect with each other, our position towards animals, the environment, the future of our food, (social)media, refugee issues, politics, multiculturalism. TINKEBELL. believes she can save the world, so that's what she is currently doing.'

    Olga Mink is the director of Baltan Laboratories, a platform for artistic research and development based in the former Philips physics laboratory Natlab. Olga co-founded the multiyear program Age of Wonderland together with Hivos for Dutch Design Week and co-founded Think Economia.

    This interview will be held in Dutch

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