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    RARARA_LALALAB hosted by Baltan Laboratories and Rararadio shares the projects and research developed at Baltan Laboratories. In these live studio sessions, Baltan elaborates on projects and events as part of its ongoing public research program which revolve around art, design, science and technology in relation to emerging societal challenges.

    For the next session on December 10th, Baltan director Olga Mink invites Godelieve Spaas, to discuss the notion of shifting value in a post-Covid Economy. How can we create an economy that enables us to take better care of each other? If one thing is currently lacking in our economic model it would be diversity. A new economy isn’t possible without rethinking the way we organise democracy, Spaas argues.

    Godelieve is professor New Economy at Avans University of Applied Science. She is a researcher and creator and makes performances and podcasts about new ways of entrepreneurial organizing where ecology, society, and the economy all benefit from and interact seamlessly with each other. Her aim is to increase diversity in organizational and entrepreneurial models and realities with a view to the development of a fairer, more sustainable and robust entrepreneurial space. She combines art, science, practices and indigenous knowledge.

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